Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sing, Sing, I Made Shoes With Bling!

A couple of weeks ago I was at a nature center and I spotted an adorable little girl who was dressed up just how AJ prefers to dress: leggings, tutu, sparkly shirt, hair done up, and sporting for Converse High Tops with some serious BLING going on!!! I asked the mom where she got the shoes from and she said Etsy! Yay for buying homemade! However..... upon doing my search I was shocked to discover that this posh Mama had spent over $100 for said Converse! SAY WHAT?!!!!

So I did what any mama on a budget would do, I checked the photos out, did some research and came up with a crafty plan. I just needed an excuse to make a pair. Lucky for me one of Gabby's very girlie friends had a birthday yesterday and I got my chance to whip up a pair of girly, rock star, Converse! What do you think?

I used light pink crystals for hearts in the middle, 
added a crystal to the star on the side, 
and swapped out the traditional laces for poofy star ribbon. 
I LOVED how they turned out.

And of course AJ fell in love immediately...
and HAD to have a pair....

She wanted a purple flower in the middle,
sparkled purple ribbon,
and lots of crystals so I added a line of them going down the back.

I really think I may add these to my Etsy store...
and I definitely WON'T be charging $100 for them! 

So who else wants a pair of blinged out Converse? =)
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1 comment:

rebecca said...

those are cute and yeah i couldn't imagine charging $100 for them. the bedazzler and the shoes don't even cost that much together.

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