Sunday, October 3, 2010

Went to IKEA!

Today started out sorta rocky... last was not a shining moment in marriage and thus I only got about 4 hours of sleep. So I decided to do something to make me happy, something unique and out of our normal lazing about on a rainy icky Sunday. We decided to journey to the next state over to Canton, Michigan's IKEA store! Sure, it is 3 hours away, but for once we had a little extra money and what else were we going to go? =)

Although the kids started to get a bit antsy toward the end of the ride to the store (as did this VERY pregnant mama!) they were really behaved in the car, which was nice. And when we finally arrived it was as if the clouds parted to let the sun through! OMG, is the store HUGE!!!!!

There were a few things that were on my list to buy for Miss M, such as a sheepskin rug to lay on. But overall we were just there to take it all in, check out things that we are looking to buy at tax time, and find some good deals. I must admit that it is a LOT to check out and at times my eyes couldn't handle all the loveliness....
So what did we end up getting??
All in all we spent close but under $100 and got a 16 piece dining set that is not plastic, pretty wash clothes, the sheepskin rug, and even this cool wire thingy that the kids can clip their artwork on to.... LOVE IT!

There was a lot more that we could have bought but we contained ourselves and took lots of photos of furniture that we adored such as this cool little blue egg chair for AJ:
There were tons of things to do there for the kids and we all had an awesome time!
I can't wait to go back and shop some more IKEA!
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♥ Noelle ♥ said...

oooh IKEA! never have been there but SO want too. that egg chair for your baby is too cool!

Jennifer said...

i still have never been to one, but i know i better go when i have a lil money to spend cuz i'm sure there will be many many many temptations!

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