Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts dear readers.... I have a serious case of afternoon/evening sickness instead of the more common morning sickness which is severely hindering my blogging, painting, basic living.... seriously, it sucks! (WARNING: Preggo Whining Alert) 

I hate the fact that eating, one of my favorite things, is now a chore... nothing sounds good, and since I am so nauseous I could care less about painting, sitting near a computer, or cleaning the house in any way. I am great from 7-12-ish, but after that it is all downhill. In short it sucks.... 

Lucky for me there is no actual vomiting involved and hopefully in a few short weeks all these nasty symptoms will be gone. For now bear with me...I promise to keep the preggo whining to a minimum! 

Enjoying the early morning with AJ in our PJs!


Olenka said...

((huggs)) So been there and hated it also! This shall pass and they you will be painting those beautiful dolls again and doing everything you want.. Well at least until the end of the second trimester ;)

Melissa said...

blechers. Pregnancy sickness is no fun.

Jessica C. said...

With you on that, hun. I just call it "Day sickness" now. Starts as soon as I wake up and ends when I go to bed. As long as I'm not moving, I'm okay. cleaning, limited playing with my 1-yr old (which sucks), and limited crafting. But like yours, it'll all be over in a few more weeks. Congrats on your baby on the way. :o)

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