Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hot and Not

There are so many things throughout the day that really catches my interest and at the same time there are lots of things that seriously piss me off! Here is today's Hot and Not:

* 31 cent Scoop Night at Baskin Robbins! (Us preggos looooove ice cream, and cheap ice cream is even better!)

* Another great Regretsy find: Tie Dyed shorts gone HORRIBLY wrong, lol! Check the post out here =)

* Finding 50 Things that Elementary School Kids can make for their Teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week.... tons and tons of great ideas there!

* This Peanut Butter Pie....mmmmm

* Participating as a vendor at Fair On the Square yesterday at Playhouse Square, what a great experience and a wonderful venue for Usborne Books! 

* Love this little girl's bedroom... so many cute ideas there!

* These two Anti-Abortion bills that passed in Oklahoma today.... wrong on so many levels of wrongness....

* Hello Kitty Nipple Tassels....need I say more?

* Articles like this one that grossly misunderstand what unschooling is truly about... pure ignorance and blind trust in the main stream system to educate our kids...ugh! I especially love the articles that claim that unschooling parents are lazy and unconcerned about their children...WTF!

* Sabres getting their rears handed to them by the Bruins... hopefully they golf better than they play hockey!


Cindi said...

We were glad to have you at Fair on the Square! Hope to see you there again next year.

Cindi Szymanski

tweetey30 said...

ok let me say one thing on home schooling. we home school our girls. my girls are nine and almost 6... we do the unschooling method and they get everything they need in there education.. So who ever posted that artical is nuts... We use these books from Barnes and Noble that have all the stuff they will learn in school plus test prep in the back of them..

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