Tuesday, April 13, 2010

All About AJ

A Few Facts About Amelia (aka The Terrorist)

1. AJ is a compulsive neat freak, if there is an open drawer she will close it at all costs.

2. If it is not "AJ-approved" clothing, it WILL NOT go on her body. 
Trying to force her to wear something will only result in you getting bit and 
the offending clothes will come off right away.

3. Shoes shall not be worn in the car... 
try to keep them on her and she will wing them at your head while driving. 

4. Books are treasured more than any other toy or doll by AJ, especially her Princess collection.

5. Going to bed is a process that requires a menagerie of animals, books, and accessories. 
Try to get by without something will only result in a massive meltdown. 

6. When in a bad mood, a half hour tub party will turn her mood sunny and bright.

7. AJ is a morning girl who always is smiling and waving, it is adorable.

8. AJ wears her Poodle costume everywhere... the grocery store, to bed, the mall... everywhere!

Now you know some facts about the little smiler up there... be warned though, she is adorable but rotten!
We love her though!

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