Saturday, April 3, 2010

Zip Over to Zibbet

Since I like to check out the Etsy Forums daily I get to hear the scoop on what is up and coming in the crafts world. One thing that I heard about 2 days ago is a new website similar to Etsy called Zibbet! Basically these creators took Etsy and all the good about it, but also improved what sellers were complaining about. Things like Listing Fees, one at a time photo uploads, difficulty having store sales.... none of those are a problem on Zibbet.

I read about Etsy seller's thoughts about the new site, took a tour, and signed up right away after reading the perks, the biggest of which is a flat monthly fee for Premium Seller accounts. (Premium accounts give you a lot more customization, something that really appeals to me since I want to stick in a buyers mind!) Looking at my last couple of Etsy bills they have been pretty substantial since I have been listing a lot and selling a lot... upwards of $20 most months. While that .20 listing fee on Etsy looks minimal, it adds up when you list 70 items in a month, plus Etsy takes a small cut of the selling price...again, it adds up. On Zibbet there are no listing fees, no selling fees, and that rate I got my store for is for life!

I like that I can upload all my pics at once, that if I have a sale or a coupon code the site automatically takes off whatever percentage I tell it to, and that the store itself looks awesome thanks to bigger banners and profile photos.

Here is what my store looks like:

If you are a seller and want to join, here is a special link to get you started!
If you are a buyer and want to send me some love by buying something, 
please enjoy 25% off any item (not including shipping) when you type in CBLUV into the Coupon space! 
Sale will end April 15th so go get yourself a pretty fairy door or a custom Spoolie now!


Anonymous said...

Woooow!!! Thanks for sharing this new shop community. I am going to leave Etsy, but, as I sell painting, I believe that it's better I have my own shop. So, I'm building my new one, with Wordpress and PayPal buttons (I didn't like those ecommerce plugins). I want something simple and easy... Where people don't need to log in to buy my stuff.
But, anyway, that's a cool site. If I have no success with my new shop, I'll try it.

Emily said...

I decided to Zip over to Zibbet too, unfortunatly Zibbet wasn't very Zippy.

Lol, too many Z's for me! I'll have to check back later and see if it's any faster, took for ever to load three different pages and I don't think it's my internet as your blog loads just fine :)

Melissa said...

I just can't seem to get this site to load! I have yet to be able to get to your shop.

ConnieK said...

the slowness and such seems to be the resounding problem... I think the only reason it works for me is because I have an uber strong computer. Many in the forums are saying that Zibbet is growing so quickly that their servers can't keep up with it... oye!

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