Thursday, April 15, 2010

The List 4.15.10

I am feeling pretty off kilter here, trying to adjust to my body's needs (like being tired and nauseous in the evenings when I usually craft), still keep the house tidy (FAIL), and attempt to keep the kids from killing each other. I have a whole new realm of things to search for and discover on the web though so for all you mamas out there with teeny ones or expecting (and who isn't expecting it seems?!) there will be a lot more links for you!

I am already looking into switching to cloth diapers for this little one since we are currently spending waaayyyy too much on Pull Ups and I hate the thought of sending more disposable diapers to landfills! I love this site that has patterns if you are a craft mama so you can sew your own! (We will be using BumGenius 3.0)

Speaking of the environment, here is an awesome article about switching to non-toxic household cleaners as well as an easy peasy recipe on how to make your own!

And instead of throwing away all that plastic, why not use it to make something beautiful from this list? Like this awesomely cool little zipper container?

One of my biggest complaints about pregnancy is the clothing choices. Luckily thanks to Homemade by Jill I can now take an old pair of jeans and turn them into a super stretchy maternity skirt!

Seems like everyone is pregnant these days, even Jill is! I think I am going to stock up on some ultra hip balms from this Etsy store to send to all my pregger friends! With names like Tough Titties and Bad Ass Booty Balm you can't go wrong!

Oh, and also from Etsy I just ordered some pants from a very eco-conscious seller from Thailand who supports the native artists in the area. They are traditional Fisherman pants, one size fits most, and perfect for me to dance in!

Even though crafting is the last thing on my mind for once, I would love to see if one of my more craftier friends could make me a couple of cute bean bags from this pattern... Looks a little much for my novice skills, but sooo cute for the playroom!

One of the projects that I have been doing with the kids is planting our fairy garden as well as thinking about the rest of the garden space. I think this DIY Seed Tape would be a perfect gift for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Lastly, I am always on the lookout for cute party ideas, favors, and food and these wonderfully delicious looking Chocolate Spoons caught my eye. Not only are they pretty, but sooo yummy looking!

Have a great day and enjoy looking around at all the goodies here!


Melissa said...

I'm lovin' the fisherman pants.

Olenka said...

Congrats again! And Not sure if you have looked into WWB (WigglewormBottom) They are covers and you will need to do is get the prefolds which I am sure I can get some cheaper places for ya if you wanted. We used a variety but all in all WWB and Fuzzibunz were our fav here. Going to go and check out the links now 80)

KeaShay said...

I love the choc spoons!!! what is the party for? Is there a theme?

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