Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday Was Oh So Good!

Not being Christian always makes holidays a little interesting around here. My good friend Joan, who is a very devout Catholic, asked me what we did to celebrate Easter since it obviously means something different for us. Joan is cool like that, never judgmental and when she asks me stuff about my set of beliefs I can be 100% honest because I know that she will NEVER look down on my choices. That is why she is my soul sister... she just gets it.

Anyhow, I digress... I told Joan that we view Easter as a celebration of Spring. Of course we still give the girls Easter baskets with a bit of candy, but I am also including some gardening items like seeds, shovels, and little clay pots. We dyed Easter eggs tonight with Koolaid because all the birds are getting ready to lay eggs, we eat Peeps bunnies because bunnies come out in the Spring... make sense?

Today was Good Friday and even though it had no religious significance to us, it was a VERY good day! It was over 80 outside... a feat for good ol' Cleveland, the beach was packed, and we did a lot of fun things. We started out by taking the dog shopping at the mall (to Moochie & Co) where she got tons and tons of attention. After a nice lunch at Chipotle Gabby and I made some Pom Pom Flowers... look how cute they turned out!

Then we headed off to the beach, YAY!!!! Here are some pics of the girls having lots of fun...

(I do not dress her.... that is all her own doing, lol!)

(AJ hates being wet so was pretty naked by the end of the trip... and she also thinks she is a bird!)
Finally, after dinner I got some cute pictures of the girls that really capture their personalities...
I am pretty sure AJ was a pirate in a past life, she has the scowl down!

Sweet huh? Lol, that is a common look for my lil one.
Gabby on the other hand just loved life today and was sooooo good, yay!

So that was my Good Friday! Was your Friday good too?

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Melissa said...

Can't wait to take the girls to the beach. I'm thinking Aelyn's skin is going to need covered head to toe. She is one pale pixie!

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