Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Robot Voices are Talking to Me!

There are some things that I love about modern technology. I love my iPod, I adore my DVR, and I live for the GPS. But there are some things I could do without- like companies using the automated phone systems for their customer service.
I had my new cell phone stolen today while shopping at the West Side market... my fault for having the hand cord sticking out, plus I imagine I looked like an easy target... baby struggling in my arms, children all around me, talking and laughing. Later when I discovered what had happened I immediately called Verizon's customer service number to get my phone turned off... and there the fun began.

verizon robot lady: Thank you for calling Verizon Wireless.... blah blah blah.... 25 options later please choose a number.

me: choose something that is somewhat close to what my problem is.

verizon: Thank you.... blah blah blah... 15 more options please choose a number.

me: pick an option that is no where near what I want, but closer than all the others...

verizon: please key in your 120 digit code, the last two letters of your mother's first dog's name, followed by the keys that correlate with this series of tones.

me: hit 0 in the hopes that a human will pick up

verizon: We're sorry, that is not a valid number. Please follow our directions.

me: Attempt to key in what they want, give up, hang up and call the actual Verizon store... I know that there are people there! .............

verizon robot lady: Thank you for calling Verizon Wireless.... blah blah blah.... 25 options later please choose a number.
me: (after initially trying the series of buttons that go with my issue and finding I am still talking to robot lady, I decide to be witty and key in as if I am wanting to be a New Customer... and this gets me an actual human!!!) Hi there, I was calling because my phone has been stolen and I need to have it replaced.
Verizon Guy (who sounds like he is all of 14): 'Mam, since you have insurance on your phone you need to call the insurance company to follow a claim. Call this number, give them this number for the claim, and remember this number which is the blah blah blah.....
me: Am I actually going to speak with a person or is this more robot
customer service people?

Verizon Guy: Oh there are people there, no worries!_________________________________________________________
Phone Insurance Company: 'Ello! This is Punjab Sayid Sayonetheolalipavin, how can I be of service to you mam? (in HEAVILY accented English)
(Do you see where this is going???)


Simply Stork said...

Hi I'm simply from the blog train :o)

Unfortunately we had a similar problem with did not end well I'm afraid...needless to say while I was pushing buttons who ever took my phone was transferring all my min. to a different account...arg and ug and all the other grrs and "pahs" later...they lost our business.

I know have a shiny new phone :o)

frustrating needless to say...

hope all goes well with yours...

winks and blessings and many train stops,


Prasti said...

yay! you're on the train!!!

this is so cool :)

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