Thursday, August 28, 2008

Busy on Etsy

Sorry to be MIA for the last couple of days... I am opening a new store on etsy for my graphic designs since they were doing so well and it is taking sooo much time! I already have one client who bought a big package, really talented scrapbooker who I will be chatting more about on my Surf's Up Saturday.

Technically my store is opening this weekend, but if you want a sneak peek there is a button on the side for it. If you have your own biz or even sell goods for the heck of it from your home check out my designs, I am sure I can help your business thrive. Anyone who orders from me from here gets 25% off any listing with the code CreativeBubbles. Here is one of my new designs for a business card example.

Hmmm... what else?? Since we decided to keep Gabby home for one more year I am throwing myself into finding great activities to get her ready for kindergarten. I am making ABC sheets for her, creating numbers games, and making a calendar for her to play with that will also teach seasons, etc. (I will post some examples when I finish) To keep up her socialization we are enrolling her in karate and swimming lessons, (she picked these... I was shooting for hockey and tap!), but we really aren't too worried. We are not homeschooling her, I will leave the professionals to that, but with the cost of preschool and availability of non-religious based ones, this was the best choice for us.

And I think that is about it for now... time to get back to designing!
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