Saturday, August 23, 2008

Indian Summer Surf's Up Saturday

With memories of days at the beach, nights catching fireflies, and early mornings working in the garden, I am looking forward to the fall with new eagerness. I am on the lookout for leaves changing to their fall splendor and when the last couple of days had required jeans and a sweatshirt I did my happy dance with joy.
With those thoughts in mind I have been looking for activities to do inside, cute clothes to keep little legs warm, and places to take the girls on those still warm fall days. Here are some of the places and things I have found.

Little legs need to keep warm, and what better way than with baby legwarmers from BabyLegs! Throw them under a skirt, with a onesie, or with some jeans for some extra warmth. I love the diversity of styles, there is something for everyone. I also like that both AJ and Gabby can wear them. Here is my favorite pair for fall:

Along that same train of thought are finding cute shoes for the girls, especially for AJ who hasn't worn shoes yet. Baby feet are not meant for shoes, they are chubby, wiggly, and beg to be free. But winters like ours require foot coverings and so I found this great company that has shoes that are so cute, yet baby foot friendly- Pediped! Such great styles, a little pricier, but too cute to resist. These are going on AJ's little feet!
And since the girls are going to be dressed so cute we will definitely need someplace to go! A favorite fall activity is picking apples and going for hayrides at Mapleside Farms in Brunswick. If you are in the Greater Cleveland area this is a place that you cannot miss. In the early days of October they have their annual Fall Foliage Festival where you can see all the beauty of fall from atop the farm's hill. Don't miss it!!After we pick all these apples and such we will definitely need to do some baking, and this apron made by ApronsbyPunkyFae are just right! She just opened her apron shop on Etsy and if you look at the top, yours truly made her new banner and avatar. I love the style and pattern on this classic Pooh apron... future AJ present perhaps?

Finally, after a long day of traveling and baking, bubblebaths are in order. I don't know about the rest of you, but sometimes the toys and various bath stuff gets a little out of control. This Bug Pod bath organizer by Boon, Inc. would be a lovely addition to any bathroom, including my own.

And that is all folks! See ya in a bit for some more fun in the Life of Connie!!! =)

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The Vineyard Painter said...

I love the banner you made for Punky Fae Designs! It is so cool. Her dresses are beautiful.

I'm enjoying seeing your wonderful blog, ZenDesigns!
All the best wishes for your new Etsy shop!

Sunny Bower

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