Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Tantrum

I want, I want, I want,..... that seems to be all I hear some days (especially days when I am caring for other kids). Even from my darling husband I hear I wants.... I want to play WOW, I want to go here, I want 8 hours of sleep... it goes on and on and on.... well here is what I want!!

I WANT people to stop questioning my faith and my spiritual choices!
I WANT parents to teach their kids some manners and to stop feeding into bad behavior
I WANT to take a bath BY MYSELF
I WANT someone else to clean up the table after meals
I WANT the cats to scoop their own litter
I WANT to go to Alaska and see a whale
I WANT to eat a Whopper and not worry about how many calories is in it
I WANT the new Harry Potter movie to come out earlier then next July
I WANT a whole nights sleep, without tears and delirium

I realize that none of these are going to happen, but I figured that it was worth a shot.... Now that I have yelled I WANT I feel much better now!
What would your tantrum be?


Karin said...

I love it!!! My tantrums would be very close to yours! Just add...I would like to type a post without being constantly interrupted like I am right now. Karin@creativechaos

Anonymous said...

Good tantrum! =)

Mine often result in something broken ... sometimes my hands, sometimes a nose ... it's random =P

The Vineyard Painter said...

That was funny! Yes, I remember thinking some of those things when my kids were little.

That day will come for you and you'll be able to sleep in till noon, shop as long as you like, they will make their own dinner... and they'll even make dinner for you.

The downside? They always borrow the car! :D

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