Saturday, August 9, 2008

Surf's Up Saturday- Gabby's Picks

With Gabby's 4th birthday in a week I decided to let her come online with me and pick out some things that she thinks is cool for today's edition of Surf's Up. She helped pick out her birthday presents and is starting to know what she likes and doesn't like. She is very into art, tee shirts with funny sayings (her favorite shirt says "I tried to be cute but I got bored!), and playing outdoors. We visited a few favorite sites and a few new sites and here are her top picks.

Fabric Tea Party Set from Pottery Barn Kids

Western Chief Rain Boots at REI

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Jaime' said...

Hello there Connie!!!! you apparently don't check your myspace that often, therefore, you didn't see my big deal, just saying hi! I love your blog page! you are amazing! two kids, the things you do and then have time for this! I'm impressed honey!!! I've been off work for three wks now and haven't gotten a damn thing done (expect a new page layout on Myspace!) lol hope all is well, it sounds as if you and the family are doing good, and I'm glad to hear that! take care and call me sometime! maybe we can get together before summer is out and I find a job!

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