Saturday, August 2, 2008

Surfs Up Saturday- Soapy Style

With Gabby's birthday coming up we have been asking her what she would like and everytime she replies, "Fun soap!". So we went onto Etsy and picked out all kinds of soap for her to have for her birthday. While browsing I noticed so many soaps that I would also like to have so I decided to share my finds. All of these can be purchased on Etsy for under $10!!

Cafe Mocha Soap Bar- $4.75 - by dennisanderson

Chocolate Creme Filled Cupcake Soap- $4.00- by LoveLeeSoaps

Watermelon Soap- $3.00- by adorationsoap

Milk and Cookies Soap - $4.75- by sunbasilgarden

Spiders in my Soap Dragons Blood Scent- $5.50- by DreamersWeb

Rainbow Soapsicle- $5.00- by BodyBeautiful

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