Thursday, August 14, 2008

Someone make the pounding stop!

This is going to be short as my head feels as if AJ is playing with pots and pans inside of it. It is the end of summer and what a summer it has been! Tons of days spent at the beach, the pool, the library, park, and so many other places. I can't say that I am sad to see it end, even the weather cooling down has made the house a little more peppy. (My cats actually move during the day now!) But it was a pretty good three months.

I was looking for some new clothes for AJ since she is growing so quick and I came across this cute site with terrific designs for kids- Colette Kids

Now that I got my phone back and have a computer of my own I am obsessed with personalizing them so they are easily recognizable as mine. One site that I have used before with great results is One of my favorite designs is this:

But now I have found another place to get skins and this place, although a little pricier, let you design your own so you can definitely have a one of a kind item. It is a site called by HP. So check it out and happy decorating!!
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