Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So Simple Art Fun

I got this idea from Tutus and Turtles and have had the best time!! Anyone with preschoolers to older kids can do this (doesn't work so well with smaller ones since they will want to put these in their mouths). I have done a lot of crafts with painting noodles and stringing noodles, but nothing as simple and multifunctional as this. Dyeing Noodles!!! This batch is going to a special little girl and for my little girls, but it is so easy to whip more up when you need them.

Here is what you need:
plastic freezer bags
different kinds of noodles (if you are going to string them make sure that you use noodles with wide holes, elbow noodles do not work so well)
3-4 large bottles of rubbing alcohol
food dye
cookie tray
Here is what you do:
1. Pour desired amount of noodles into plastic freezer bag (you can only do one color in the bag so don't use the whole box!)
2. Pour enough rubbing alcohol into the baggie to fully submerge the noodles, enough that when the bag is on a surface the noodles are still covered.
3. Add food dye to the baggie, use enough to get a good sense of what the final color will be
4. Shake the baggie up to mix everything and get the dye into all the noodles
5. Repeat this process as many times as you wish to make tons of colored noodles!
6. Once you have all your noodles in the dye mix let them sit for at least 6 hours. I let ours sit for overnight to get such bright colors.
7. Once the desired color is reached cut a small hole in the bottom corner of the bag and let all the dye out.
8. Spread the dyed noodles onto a cookie sheet and let them dry out until they are not pliable.
9. Let the fun begin!! You can use the noodles for jewelry making, decorating, sorting, the list goes on...

Here are some pics of our noodle dyeing fun:

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