Monday, August 25, 2008

Family and Friend Outtings

One thing I love about living here, outside of Cleveland, but not in the country is how easy it is to find things to do. Last week we took the kids to the Nature Center in Bay Village and today our family went to the Lake Farm Metroparks. What a great time we had!! Tons of animals to see, stuff to touch and smell, and we got to learn a few things about nature along the way. Here are some pictures from our trip!

There was a cool breed of sheep that we have never seen before. The farm has over 50 endangered breeds of livestock!

AJ is 7 hands high!
The biggest pig I have ever seen in my life! Seriously, I had no clue pigs really looked like this!
Gabby checking out some sheep
We took a great wagon ride, pulled by a pair of lovely Clydesdales.
Gabby is over 10 hands high!

Gabby learning about solar powered energy by controlling a large solar panel. You could tell how much power the panel was getting from the spout that was shooting out water. The more power equaled more water shooting into the pond. Very cool!
Gabby checking out a baby bull calf. Adorable!
Aj and me seeing the horses!
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