Monday, January 17, 2011

Homeschool Resource Review- Brain Pop Jr.

 I am still trying to get my bearings with the new baby and homeschooling. So far my routine consists of some work books, a journal, and lots of documentaries and books from the library. But I have known for a while that Gabby really learns well through games and especially on the computer. So when CoolMomTech suggested BrainPOPJr. I was all over it!

This site is one that costs money to utilize all the subjects and such, but after starting the free 5 day trial I am hooked (and it is only day 1)! There are some things that are free, like today's lesson about Martin Luther King Jr. Within each lesson is a super informative but fun video starring a little girl named Annie and her robot, Moby. The there is a corresponding game, activity, lesson plan, book suggestions, a chance to draw about the lesson, and even two different levels of quiz to test about the subject matter. 

I looooove how organized the site is, allowing me to easily keep track of what Gabby has watched, what she wants to further expand on, and make sure that she is getting the most out of each subject. There is even a standards tool which allows me to make sure that she is following (loosely) what the state says she is supposed to be doing. (But without all the tedious repetition!!) 

Even though the price for a full year is sort of pricey ($80 for a single Homeschooler) in my opinion it is totally worth it. And when 3rd grade is over, then we can hop over to BrainPop which is geared for older kids. Even if you are not a homeschool family, this site is very cool and definitely worth a peek!

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Bethany said...

when i used to teach math before kids came along, i used brain pop ALL the time. probably two or three times a week at the beginning of a lesson or for review from the day before. i was able to get my school to buy us a subscription. it was the best!

allisyn said...

Wow! Thanks for such a great review, Connie. We're always looking to expand our offerings to homeschool families. Please get in touch if you've got suggestions. Also, we've got a free resource site full of tips, tools, & resources for educators so you can get the most out of BrainPOP, and I've got some webinars and blog posts geared specifically towards homeschooling there:

Thanks again!

Director, BrainPOP Educators

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