Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baby It's Cold Inside

I can honestly say that I was glad to see the end of last week. Most days I can see the sunny side of life, but on Wednesday that sunny outlook disappeared. Our furnace broke. And it decided to break in the dead of winter, when here in Ohio it gets into the teens with the windchill in the single digits. Not good.

This, dear friends, is why we rent. When we discovered that the indoor temp was quickly dropping and the furnace wasn't lighting, we quickly called the landlord who called a furnace company. Then ensued the drama... apparently a part needed to be ordered, it wouldn't be here until Monday or Tuesday, and until then there were various solutions. Solution  #1 involved pushing the reset button on the furnace to kickstart it into lighting....every 10-15 minutes.....yeaaaah, that wasn't working out well because at night I definitely wasn't going to wake up to push a darn button. So we woke up Thursday to a 43 degree house...bbbbbrrrrrrr!!! So again we called the landlord. He talked to the furnace guy and was told how to hot wire the furnace to bypass the reset. Well that worked out for a few hours, then the fire wouldn't light so again we had to call. So out came tons of space heaters.

Now we are Friday morning.... I wake up early to get space heaters going downstairs. I plug in three of them since the thermostat says it is 41 inside our house. 41 degrees!!!!! I go upstairs to get some more clothes on and come downstairs to a pitch black house. Of course! I blew a fuse with the space heaters! And who is too short to reach the box? ME! AHHHHHH!!!!! So I had to call Klint home from work and was definitely crying tears of despair when he came home.

We fix the fuse and decide to head out to grocery shop (and get warm), and give the space heaters a chance to warm up the house. What happens when we come home?? The house was COLDER!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! So another call was made and finally the HVAC guy comes and properly hot wires the furnace for us. FINALLY we have heat that is consistent.

By Friday evening the house was warm again, I was in better spirits, and had a new appreciation for having a warm house. We still have to get through when the furnace is being fixed this week, I am dreading having it turned off again, but at least there is a permanent solution in sight. I am thankful as well that we are not having to pay for the repairs, a swift reminder of why we prefer renting to buying a house.

So that was our furnace drama, hopefully never to be repeated.
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Jennifer said...

brrrrrrrrrrr! so sorry you had to/are having to go thru that :(

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