Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Beginnings

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Hello 2011! I have to say that you are off to a fine start, filled with laughter, friends, cuddles, and love. Friends came to visit, children smiled and played, and memories were made. I am happy to say that even though 2010 was a fabulous year here at Casa de Krebs, I know that 2011 will be even better.

I have been looking at everyone's new year resolutions and have been jotting down my own ideas... There are some really simple ones as well as ones that will take more work on my part. Here are just a few!

♥ Write in my journal every night... even if it is just a thought or two
♥ Continue to dance and find peace and clarity in simply moving
♥ Yell less, whisper more...
♥ Try not to let the laundry add up to loads and loads, maybe figure out a new system like doing each persons laundry individually? More on this tomorrow...
♥ Get jiggy with the hubby more often... definitely a challenge with our crazy schedule!
♥ Create an awesome garden this spring, complete with veggies and flowers
♥ Reopen my Etsy store with a new direction and feel. After making all that stuff for the baby's room I am inspired to have more items with a simple feel to them.
♥ Spend less and find ways to use more of what we have in new ways...
♥ Get Zumba for the XBox Kinect and dance the pounds off.... I loooove this game!

Anyhow, those are some of my thoughts... nothing too crazy, everything doable. I am excited for this new year and fresh start, are you?
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Amy said...

I like your list! I made a 101 in 1001, while I have several goals, many are small and silly, while others will take time, effort, and/or money. I have 1001 days to finish them, which takes me into September of 2013. Good luck, can't wait to hear how your goals go for you.

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