Friday, January 7, 2011

1 Month

(Month stickers were bought from this Etsy store!

Miss Moira,
 Today you are 1 month old and it seems like you have always been here but at the same time are still so new. I cannot believe how seamlessly you slipped into our lives, making this momma very thankful. I have bypassed most of the new mama exhaustion thanks to your easy nature, love of nursing, and all around mellowness. You are a champ at eating and are definitely sporting the multiple chin thing, which I find adorable of course! I find it funny that everyone calls you something different... Daddy calls you Nugget, the girls call you Mimi, and I call you Moira Marie or Chipmunk. (You love to store milk in your cheeks for later!)
 In this one month time I have gotten to know your personality and am already seeing some tiny changes in your eye color... I think you are going to be another Brown Eyed Girl, little love! You still have all your dark pretty hair and no bald spots since you prefer to sleep on your side. You love to look around at the kitties and make wonderful eye contact, which makes everyone smile, which makes you smile. =)
 I am 100% smitten with you my Chipmunk and can't wait to see what this month brings!
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1 comment:

Jennifer said...

man, she's such a lil aj in the face, no? precious sweet lil chipmunk girl! <3 her!!

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