Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting Organized #2- Digital Photo File Overload!

Another goal for this year is to not only keep a hand on the massive amounts of digital photos stored on the computer, but to also create some books so that everyone can actually enjoy the photos! Last night I started step 1 of tackling this huge mess- go through every folder and delete bad photos, photos we don't want, and multiples. Wow! I had no clue we had this many photos and sooo many of children that I cared for years and years ago...

I went to How to Organize Photos the Easy Way- by Small Notebook for some tips and tricks on how to best organize the files since we do have so much. After I get all the photos sorted I plan on dragging the ones that I want in a photo book into a folder, editing them, and then using a photo book program like My Publisher to create a couple awesome books to share with friends!

This is definitely a huge challenge because almost every day we add to the stack, plus there are many folders within folders... I believe that last night I had to have deleted hundreds of photos and there are still sooooo many to weed through. It will all be worth it though when I have some pretty books to show friends and family!

I know that there are tons of companies out there that offer Digital Photo Books and everyone has an opinion about who the best is. If you want a really good comparison though, check out this article which looks at 12 different companies from Blurb to Shutterfly.

One of my goals is to have keepsakes for the girls to look at and share with their own families once they are grown, as Klint and I have very little to share about our own pasts. It is something that we really wish we had, but since we can't create the past we are going to make sure we preserve the memories for the future!

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