Monday, July 20, 2009

RIP Chromasmear

Yesterday I heard of some very sad news on Etsy. My dear friend and fellow graphics artist Chromasmear died a few days ago in a rafting accident. She was one of the nicest, prettiest, down to earth women that I have ever chatted with and I know that Etsy will never be the same again. People don't realize that in a handmade community like Etsy there are also handmade friendships and handmade love. We are people connecting with people and when something like this happens I think it hits us harder than people suspect. Although most of us haven't met her in real life, for how much time we spent with her, it feels like we were the closest of friends.

Chromasmear's real name was Uleen Toovey, a beautiful Canadian artist who was devoted to saving homeless animals and friend to all Etsians, new and experienced.

In lieu of sending money to her family, her mother asked that we all donate to the local animal shelter in her name. There is also a treasury set up in her memory, as well as countless listings that will take the proceeds and donate them to animal shelters in her name.

Rest in Peace Chromasmear and may your legacy live on!

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Anonymous said...

As a personal friend of Uleen, I am so glad to read what an effect she has had on others lives, even if they hadn't met her. I grew up with Uleen in the small town of Terrace, we went to school together, remained friends over the years even though our lives took us on different paths. I was shocked when I heard of her passing last Saturday, she was a very quiet and private person, but would give you the shirt off her back (which I'm sure she had done for me at some time or another as I spent hours hanging out at her house). I will miss you my dear friend Uleen, Rest In Peace...

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