Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FREE Posters!!!

It has been a while since I did a print and give, and since I am in a poster kind of mood lately here are three posters to choose from! All are 11x14 and can be blown up even larger at Walmart's photo center. Let me know what you think and enjoy!!!

Click here for the Dream poster
Click here for the Believe poster
Click here for the Love poster


Melissa said...

love the hippos

lily.bee said...

These are just lovely! Hope it's OK to share the link over at weebabystuff.com

Tip-Tops said...

I love the hippos, too.

Your free prints from V-day were a great hit with my kids.

OneRadMother said...

I stumbled across your lovely posters and would love to feature them on Oneradmother.blogspot.com (nursery envy). Look for the post to be up this week!

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