Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Milestore Reached!!!

Today we reached another milestone here in Casa de Krebs! AJ is out of her crib and in a big girl bed- hurray!!!!!

Due to the taking apart and re-assembling that the poor crib has had to endure the last 5 years it just met the end of it use. AJ helped the crib's demise by butt bumping the side rail against the wall everyday to let us know that she was awake... lovely sound! (NOT!)

So today, after discovering that I could no longer lower the rail to get to the mattress and sheets, we decided that this would be a good time to transition AJ to her very own Dora bed.

Let me say this, I have VERY good kids! I know that this isn't the norm, there are probably a lot more tears involved, a lot more up/down, etc... but she did GREAT! A few tears, which is her normal routine, and both naptime and bedtime went by peacefully. Yay!!!

I am a little sad that there won't be any more babies in the crib... I am not gonna lie. But it is a good thing because it means that my baby is growing up and becoming so much more independent.

Here is my "big" girl, sleeping so sound.... =)

(Sorry for the quality, the camera is at the shop!)


Prasti said...

congrats! what a big girl!

Melissa said...

Yay Aj! What a big girl.

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