Thursday, July 16, 2009

My next project!

With my new Wacom pen tablet on it's way and a new laptop on the horizon I spied this genius idea with clear directions on how to turn a suitcase into a kitchy, vintage, laptop case on Craftzine. I can't wait to try this!! I also hopped over to a blog called Naughty Secretary that showcased a whole slew of ideas for what to do with suitcases. I think my cats would love their own beds made from old suitcases. =)

Here are the directions for turning your own suitcase into something reminiscent of your Going To Grandma's suitcase from childhood! Go here for the complete directions since I just clipped the pics!

clipped from


Butter knife
Liquid fusion glue
Vintage apron or fabric to cover suitcase
Triple Thick top coat
Krylon spray paint
Painter's tape
Cotton fabric for lining
Collage pauge
Sponge brushes

Goingtograndmas Step4
Goingtograndmas Step5
Goingtograndmas Step6
Goingtograndmas Step7
Goingtograndmas Step8
Goingtograndmas Step9
Goingtograndmas 10
Goingtograndmas Step11
Goingtograndmas Step12
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LazyTcrochet said...

Great idea!

Ruth said...

What a fantastic idea. I love it.


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