Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The List 1.4

Hola! How is everyone's summer going so far? Isn't it flying by? Soon (too soon some days, not soon enough others) my oldest daughter will enter the world of learning. A little over a month away in fact....sigh. There is soooo much to think about, packing lunches, making sure she is presentable, making sure she doesn't repeat all the not so polite words mommy and daddy use when they are talking. =) So this list has a lot of learning links, getting ready for school links, and of course a few craft ideas! Let me know if you try any ok?!

We made this outside one hot day and although it appears simple, it will keep the kids facinated for hours! Who knew tin foil plus water would be so much fun?? (@ Filth Wizardry)

Since you have to mark EVERYTHING your child has in their backpack I want to get these pretty bookplates for Gabby's favorites in case she brings them for Show and Tell. (@Boy Girl Party)

I am facinated with making Lapbooks for my little ones to play with and learn from- this woman is a genius at creating them with her kids!! (@Homeschool Blogger)

Who knew that there was another fun way to recycle all those broken old crayons? Alphabet crayons anyone? (@Let's Explore)

Have old tee shirts that you can't wear but don't want to throw away? How about turning them into dresses for your girls? (@ Adventures in Babywearing)

I have to get creative with my lunch packing for this first year of school. Wendy, here, has made a great list of kid friendly foods that are easily packed (especially in Bentos!!) (@ Wendelonia)

I thought that this was a creative way to teach addition and subtraction.... way better than stupid worksheets! (@ My Montessori Journey)

This list of Kindergarten transition tips is wonderful! Super ideas, including how to cope yourself with the Big Day! (@ Let's Explore)

Finally, I have started gearing up to start sewing again. What better way to get back into it then with the little birdies who started it all for me? Except this time I will be making this birdie wall art for the girl's rooms! (@ Sew Liberated)

That's all for today! More bloggy fun tomorrow! =) Ciao!

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Prasti said...

love the link w/ the lapbooks! going to try one for emma so she's got something to do on our plane ride next week. i've done the crayons before but w/ star and christmas tree molds (i ended up buying some new crayons anyway b/c there wasn't enough to melt).

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