Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Oh my goodness. what a week! I had some crazy hours assisting at the photography studio and then the dance recital for Rock City Dance. But now I get a week off and can catch up on my housework, blogging, and get my craft room in some semblance of order.

Gabby had her photos taken for T-Ball this past Saturday. She looked so cute and grown up with her new haircut! (Her hair was reallllly long but was constantly snarled and icky, so I chopped it off for her!)

We went to a community event called Meet the Trucks, a very popular annual family funtime where all the trucks from the community gather to let kids see them up close and even sit in them! Everything from SWAT cars to city wood chippers, along with local services and schools join in on the fun. AJ got really excited about the Roller Derby girls and Junior Roller Derby Girls. I do believe that it would be the perfect sport for my little bruiser- fun names and beating girls up!

Miss Moira has been having a great time, riding on the hip in our favorite ring sling. I can't believe that she is officially 6 months old today! (Official pictures to follow!)

Well, that's about it. Some other pretty cool things are in the works, but more about that once I get the details finalized. Talk to you all later- have a GREAT day!

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