Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Luv

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Hello all!

How are you all?! I am doing alright here at Casa de Krebs. We had a pretty good Father's Day, relaxed, biked, made some yummy french toast for the man of the day. Here are some things that I have found on the web that you all might like:

Can't wait to make some of these... I need some more vases around here!

We love taking photos around here, but I always appreciate some tips for getting even better shots.
And once I get better shots I plan on doing this with them....------->

I haven't used the button-hole feature yet on my sewing machine yet, this may push me there!

Want a challenge? How about visiting a Park a day?

My favorite kids clothing place, Tea., is having it's annual sale!! Go here to snag some great deals!

I would love to learn how to do a waterfall braid... just like this one

Finally, I have always enjoyed classical music but this group is by far my new favorite love! How I have not heard of them before is beyond me!!!

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