Friday, June 17, 2011

Thank Goodness That Is Over!

Well so ends my hellish days of trying to balance a 10 hr job, a baby, a hubby who works third shift, a home daycare, and sanity! I am done for the season with dance photography, my family that I care for is moving to Chicago so their last day was yesterday, and it should be smooth sailing from now on. I was happy to have the extra money, but the stress it put on the hubs and me was just too much with Moira being so little and dependent on me. Now onto dance at a fabulous new studio (I am no longer at Rock City... long story and not worth the aggravation), Gabby has tons of t-ball games coming up, and I am ready to just relax a little. =)


In keeping with our No Junk Eating Out theme, tonight I made an awesome dinner (if I say so myself!): Chicken Taco Salad with fresh avocado, tomato, tortilla chips, and a salsa ranch dressing! Yum! Fresh fruit salad and peach ice tea and it was a great end to our day.

I have always been a city girl but lately I have been wishing for a bit more space and breathing room... less cranky neighbors who tell my children to not turn around in their drive, more space to garden... I imagine that I would look like this- Farm Wife Chic!

I have been reading so many great posts lately about homeschooling, gentle parenting, and just things that leave me feeling all warm and fuzzy... here's my faves right now:

* I am 100% stubborn too- tell me I can't so something and I will set out to prove you wrong.... love this!
* In general I love reading this series from SoulaMama, but this one just made me smile for days...
* Gardening is so much fun, I want to make some of this so my hands stay nice!
* Finally, this article just made me really think about why it is so important to treat your child like a friend instead of an indentured servant... great read!

How was your day/week?
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