Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Living a More Authentic Life- Part 1

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, 
instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.
 ~Judy Garland 

Lately I have been thinking about how my life is going and what I envision my life to be, if the world was perfect. Everything from where I was living to what I looked like and the kind of job I had. It didn't surprise me to see that I don't need to win the lottery to have that life, that many of the things on it were things that could not be bought and that I already had. I have happy healthy children, a loving husband, a career in the arts... I fully realize how lucky I am. But some of the things on my list are things that are fully attainable, I just had to make some changes. I am going to be writing about some of those changes, as they happen. Not only to share, but also to hold myself accountable and to hopefully keep up with them. 

The first change is sort of a biggie for us. We are cutting out all junky fast food (i.e. fries, burgers, milkshakes, Taco Bell, take out Chinese, pizza, etc). We made the decision years ago to throw out the fryer and we never regretted that decision, however we have been letting others do the frying which is just as bad. Convenience, price, and pure laziness on our part has led us to eat wayyy more fast food than I would like to admit.

Documentaries are always popular at our house and we have seen quite a few food related ones. Last week we turned on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and haven't stopped talking about it since. (Did you know there is HUMAN HAIR in the shiny coating on candy and chocolate?!!!!) Not only did Jamie show the actual amount of fast food a family was eating (which, sadly was very similar to our eating habits) but he filled their home with a year's worth of fast food... ick! 
I love Burger King Whoppers... let me just get that out right now. I love fast food in general. I hate the time it takes to cook, the mess, and the fact that many times the kids don't want to eat what we make. But, I also hate going to the doctors, needles, buying larger clothes, and giving all my money to companies that are using dog food grade beef to make my food. So.... I can easily adjust my attitude towards cooking to make my family healthier and to get myself and my husband to a healthier place. We have the physical activity stuff down, we are a pretty active bunch, but we are sabotaging it with all the junk.

I have armed myself with cook books that are easy to follow and have kid friendly recipes, made a shopping list that passes through just the perimeter of the grocery store and then goes to the farmers market and Trader Joes, and have gotten the kids really excited about these changes.

I am starting out with baby steps... making it all the way to the 4th of July is my first goal. In the meantime I am going to get into a routine of packing lunch when I am at dance, having meals planned out, and making sure that we are home for meals so that we don't get caught out and turn to take out for convenience. Wish me luck, this is going to be a challenge, but one in our best interest!
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