Friday, December 17, 2010

In One Week

In one week I have discovered a lot of things about this new life of mine. I learned that it is a lot easier to go from 2 kids to 3, that having a 6yr old in the house is way more helpful than having just a 3yr old, and that putting myself through the trouble of dancing until I was ready to burst paid off in the end. I have been off all pain medicines for the last 2 days, have gotten more sleep with a newborn than when I was pregnant, and have even taken all three girls out shopping today... a daring feat considering everyone has Christmas madness!

I have learned that even at 3am I like to just look at my baby sleeping beside me. This new life of mine is in some ways no different from my life a month ago and in other ways is so much easier. I have regained a lot of my old figure back and am recovering really nicely from my c-section, which I am very thankful for. I am looking forward to spending this Christmas with 3 wonderful little girls and a lovely husband, knowing that this is what I have always wanted and never knew it before. And for that simple fact I am grateful for this life I have.
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