Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Getting Readjusted...

Today my little one is exactly 3 weeks old and while in some ways I have needed more time to adjust to this new routine, in many ways life just continued on as normal. My own children to care for, other children to care for (a new family started the week that I came home from the hospital!), pets to be looked after, laundry... it is all there. I am enjoying this new person in my life though... she is definitely an easy, mellow baby, who already heard the sounds in the sometimes chaotic house, therefore, when I have to raise my voice or there is nuttiness going on she can sleep right through it all. Thank goodness!

Moira definitely has a personality already. She is calm and likes to push away from me to look around her environment. She will fuss if I don't nurse her as quickly as she wants and man oh man is she a messy eater! Most days I have at least a couple outfit changes for me and her as she somehow gets milk on my arms, legs, her whole upper body, lol! I have started wedging a small washcloth between her chin and me to catch all the run off... but at least I know she is eating well. Well enough, in fact, that she gained a whole pound and then some in the first two weeks of her life!

But aside from the baby, most normalcy has returned. There are still some things we need to fix, like getting a bigger vehicle, but all in all... I am getting readjusted quite well!

Oh.... and I just bought these for Miss Moira's monthly photos.... aren't they genius?! The seller has tons of fun designs and they are way cheaper than actually making onesies with the design on it!
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