Saturday, February 27, 2010

Paperless Invites Just Got Class

I really enjoy designing invitations and such for people, everything from baby showers to children's birthdays. But in the age of going green I am finding that more and more I turn to sites like Evite for my party invitations. The problem though is that the invites don't look classy to me, they look cartoony and a lot of times I struggle to pick out the right look for the event. In to save the day swoops Paperless Post!   

See the invitation up there? That was created by me on the site and I am in LOVE!  Here is why:  
1. They are soooo customizable but still remain classic looking and very unique. 
2. No licensed cartoon characters anywhere!
3. You get to choose an envelope with the option to have the inside of the envelope have color as well.

4. There are wording suggestions so all you do is fill in the blanks. No more stumbling over formal and informal wording.
5. Although you do have to sign up, if you sign up through Cool Mom Picks here you get 35 stamps instead of the usual 25. 
6. It is way cheaper, way classier, and way easier that printing them out, licking all those envelopes, addressing them, and hauling butt to the post office.

Try it, I know you will be hooked!

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