Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Etsy 101- Playing Nice

One of the things that I have learned over the last month or so is that it really does pay to come check out the Forums on Etsy. You learn a lot, you meet tons of different people, and your shop gets exposure. However, you can just come in guns blazing, ranting your opinion on everything, and expect people to take it nicely, or to remember your shop in a good light.

There are a couple of threads floating around, all started by people who were themselves rude and "shouting" at everyone, who feel like they were bashed and treated poorly. So then they start these treads telling everyone to be nice, that no one should say things that are mean, etc. But the thing that they don't get is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to judge someone's tone and true meaning from just type. So these are my own rules when I am in the forums.

1. If you are going to be in the Critique Section and want your own stuff to be looked at you HAVE to have a tough skin. You may not like what you are going to hear, but people are honestly trying to help you in their own way. Even if you don't agree say thank you.

2. If you are going to Critique someone else's work you have to say something positive for every negative. And if you say that something is off, tell them how to fix it. Nothing good can come of saying "Your photos are too dark and I don't like your banner".

3. When promoting your shop, make sure you look and comment on other people's items as well. It is just good manners.

4. If someone is "mean" in your opinion, don't call them out or retaliate. Chances are they didn't mean it and if they did then they are just hurting their own shop.

5. Lastly, treat everyone as if they are a potential customer. Even if they don't like your items, they might know someone who does. They won't recommend you if you are in the forums, trashing everyone else's work!

There ya go, I hope this helps people!

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Prasti said...

great tips, connie! thanks :)

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