Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Voodoo Monkey Time!!

Today was Klint's 28th birthday and he finally decided to get a tattoo! Well since he was going to get inked I decided to hop on the bandwagon and get my tattoo brightened up and maybe added to. I had three strawberries with the ZTA open motto- Seek the Nobelest- under it but thanks to a series of high voltage tanning sessions a few years ago it had faded a bit and was looking dull.

We chose Voodoo Monkey Tattoo in Ohio City (Cleveland) for our tattoos, not only because the name and website is awesome, but also because EVERYONE we know in Lakewood has gone there for their ink. And we LOVED our artist- Doug. He was friendly, highly artistic, and really easy to talk to. These qualities are especially important when you are spending over 2 hours with the guy! (Don't be scared off by the scary photo on the website- he is definitely personable!)

Klint's tattoo is a beautiful sketch of the Bodhi Tree that Buddha achieved enlightenment under. Here is the sketch that Doug drew from and the end result:
Isn't is gorgeous?!  I like that Doug made it less sketchy and still kept the integrity of the design. Love it! 

Here is my new and improved tattoo, Doug added another flower and leaf, some vines, and the purple for the background! (I wish that I had taken a pic of the original, but it is nowhere to be found) There was quite a bit of ointment on it so don't mind the "sparkly look" to it. =) 

So do any of you have tattoos? How did you decide what you wanted? I am already thinking about my next one, lol, possibly a sugar skull like this from Dia de Los Muertos but without the banner under it... =)


Brianna said...

I have a 16th and 8th note on my left wrist and two blue stars. One on each foot! My middle name is Starr so I thought it was appropriate.

Prasti said...

awesomeness! aaron just scheduled his birthday tattoo appointment for next monday :). he's either going to get a melt one or something else (i don't know what). he's got me beat in number of tattoos for sure. i only have 2. my very first one is on my back and the 2nd one is on my right shoulder (i think you've seen that one). i would like to get a 3rd one...sacred heart with a banner that reads "aaron".

Blakenetizen said...

I personally don't have any tattoos because I could never make up my mind but I would also get a skull or skeleton of some sort :D

The tats look great!
Viva Voodoo Monkey!

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