Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Bunting A Plenty!

As you can see I am quickly developing a "thing" for fabric garlands, especially on linen! 
I also made some traditional triangle garlands to go in Gabby and AJ's room, 
as soon as I hang them up I will take a pic!

Here are some more pretty fabric garland finds from Etsy:

Butterfly Fabric Banner Bunting Flags by Nestables

Pink Hearts 'n' Sugar Skull Bunting by BadBabyQuilts

Party Flags by StarlitNestGifts

Mini Flag Bunting by BlueMoonStudios


Prasti said...

i love the letter garlands too :). i am thinking of making one for gibson's room (maybe for his first birthday) and then one for emma for her birthday.

Melissa said...

Super cute Connie.

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