Thursday, February 11, 2010

The List 2.11.10

Ok, I know it has been awhile, but there has been a lot going on! Mostly good, of course, but still I have been a painting, shipping, blogging, chatting machine!! I have been selling tons of dolls all over the world, started a new Twitter account (I couldn't resist after hearing about how Twitter has helped so many Etsians!), been crafting for Gabby and Amelia, and had to deal with some sick kids the last couple of days. Whew!! So let's take a peek at some things that have caught my eye!!

Isn't this the cutest owl ever?!! He was made by Grace from Whimsy Loft, who also wrote a tutorial on how to make one of these lovely stuffies using a knee high sock- yay for sock animals!! Here is the tutorial and I can't wait to make some of these little guys for my girls!

If you are like us and enjoy celebrating the Chinese New Year, check out this list of crafts to do with the kids to decorate for the holiday from Crafty Crow!

I love shoes. I love it when I find something beautiful that is still eco-friendly. I realllllly need some shoes from The Generation on Etsy!! (The lime green ballet flats are my favorite!

Some days I feel like throwing a party, just for the heck of it! Wouldn't a little Happy Birthday Dollie party be so much fun?! Check out the lovely photos of a doll party over at The Birthday Girl!

It has been snowing like crazy here in Cleveland, although that is the norm here. I love the idea of taking 30 beautiful photos to remind myself of all the beauty that is out there in the world, even in the dead of winter! The challenge was posted here by Blue Bird Baby! Are you going to join in??

I love the social aspect of being an Etsian.... I get to meet other artists, I hang out in chat with them, and I get introduced to beautiful new blogs like this one from Freshline- a wonderfully friendly Etsian who creates lovely works on art along with pillows and such. I love her style and the clean, quirkiness of it!! Once you check it out be sure to look at her shop too!

My girls love playing in their playhouse outside, but until about April or May they are stuck inside playing under the dining room table... boring! How about one of these absolutely GORGEOUS card table playhouses from MissPrettyPretty?! Want to win one? Head over to MaryJanes and Galoshes for a chance to win your choice!

Ok, well that is about it for now.... I have to go Twitter about this post, get into some Forum posts, and hopefully sell a doll or two! Talk to you all later!!

~ xoxoxox


Petra said...

The owl is supercute!! Thanks for sharing this!! :)

Southern Belle said...

Love the doll house. And your blog layout is wonderful =)

Almay Alday said...

I'm in love with your owl! Can I marry him! So adorable!

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