Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Shot At Free Speech

I am all for free speech and such, even when it goes against my own personal beliefs. Of course everyone has a right to their opinion, but where do you draw the line between free speech and a violation of your rights to not have to listen?

Today I saw something that really disturbed me, something that I hope my children did not see, something that made me call the police because I was so upset.

On a very congested drag in an adjoining town there is an abortion clinic. I can already hear you saying, "Uh, oh...". Now let me point out that the only reason that I know that this abortion clinic is there is because of the devoted group of pro-lifers that hang out in front of here, chanting and generally spreading hate toward anyone brave enough to go in.
Usually this group simply has pickets and stand there praying. That is all fine and good for them... whatever makes them feel better about life. Today, however, was different.

Today there were large graphic pictures. Pictures of bloody babies with dismembered limbs and heads. Pictures that I saw before I could try to protect my little girls from seeing them. Awful photos that should not have been forced on me, and that is what it was, forced. I was in my car, cars in front of me, stopped at the red light. And those huge pictures were there...

I called the police because surely those pictures were not allowed in a place where people were forced to see them, in a place where there is a very popular strip mall with restaurants and shops. I should have known better... although the officer was very sympathetic and wanted those people to stop as much as I did, there was nothing he could do. Free Speech.

Every cell in my body wanted to rip up those signs, to curse at those people, tell them that they are spreading hate in the name of love, but I couldn't. And it made me so mad. I want to know why is it the people who are supposed to be FOR LIFE so eager to take it, or flaunt the loss of it, in order to impose their beliefs on others?
Why do I have to avoid an area that I love to go to, just so my children won't be exposed to such graphically horrible photos? Most importantly, what can I do about it that would make a difference?

I wish I knew....I guess it is time to do some research

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