Friday, September 25, 2009

Tulip Planting 101

I have a long standing love affair with cut flowers, especially Tulips and Gerber Daisies. I love the simple cheeriness of them, the varieties, and the beautiful colors. So this year I want to plant some of my own tulips. But I have no clue how to begin, when to do it, or how to make sure they survive and thrive. This guide from Or So She Says is perfect for anyone out there who wants to grow tulips but has no clue how to get going. She gives great links so you can know your hardiness zone, how deep to plant your bulbs, and how to take care of them in the spring. Love it!

I think I am going to plant some cotton candy pink ones, for breast cancer and my grandmother who passed away from it.... just like these!

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Julian said...

Loved your tulip photos - I'm planning on planting close to 200 tulip and hyacinth bulbs tomorrow for a client here in CT.
Checked out your running blog and found you are almost neighbors of my wife's brother in Rocky River - we were there visiting him and his wife over Hallowe'en.
We'll be back through Cleveland (very briefly) next weekend on our way out west - headin' to OR & CA to be w/family over the holidays.
Anyway, keep up the running - I remember when I'd barely make 1 mile and be totally exhausted, then after some months I was comfortably running 6 miles without breaking a sweat.
Winter in Cleveland may not be the best time to run but you'll have some good days to get out - the dog will love it!!
Best to you,
The Country Gardener
Stratford, CT

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