Monday, September 7, 2009

Half Price Books + Philosophy= Happiness

Klint and I were just talking about one of our favorite store- Half Price Books. We noticed that when we went in looking for something specific we were usually dissapointed, their stock is so sporadic that there is no way to know what they have. But if we go there just to find something new or interesting we always come out with treasures. And then talking more, we thought that it was also a good way to look at life. Seems to me that a lot more people would be happy if they just lowered their expectations and instead viewed each day like a found treasure.

But back to my find at the store. I was looking around the children's section with the girls when I spotted the coolest ABC book ever! It is a very cool Spanish alphabet book centered around Dia De Los Muertes- The Day of the Dead. Check it out!!

That was yesterday... now here is today's treasure, courtesy of an awesome independent vintage store here in Lakewood called Cosmic Collectibles. The owner, Robin, is an really trendy west-sider who loves color and anything really kitschy. Her store is a world of color, vintage items, and refurbished items like my jewel. Complete with chalkboard painted panels, this is my new craft mecca!

Do you see how much crap I can fit in there? And I haven't even sorted through all the fabric yet! =)

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*Noelle* said...

hi connie!! just wanted to visit your blog and let you know that we sent your lil ones swap out yesterday! hope she likes her goodies!

i love your blog:)


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