Saturday, September 19, 2009

The List 2.0

Wow, September is FLYING by! It is hard to believe that in one short week my youngest girl will be 2... she is so little but already so big! Since I have a crazy week ahead of me this is an extra long list and definitely geared towards Miss Amelia and her likes- dolls, crayons, fashion, and decorating! Believe me, this lil one has an opinion about everything!

First off I have to mention this awesome cake topper found all over the blogsphere!! I am thinking one for that special QuinceaƱeras (Sweet 15!) would be awesome for the girls! (@ Lollipop Workshop)

Wouldn't it be cute for AJ to write little lunchbox notes for Gabby? So much cooler than the mom doing it!! Here are some really neat ones! (@ Leo on the Loose)

AJ loves playing dress up and I think that this Halloween is going to be especially fun for her. Check out these really easy and fun crafts for this scary day. (@ Value Village)

Some days I think that there is nothing better than a good PB&J. Why settle for those store bought jams when you can make your own with this easy peasy recipe? (@ The Idea Room)

Maybe someday AJ won't feel the need to color on herself, the walls, and the cats... when she does I will surely get her these awesome markers that are perfect for little hands with big imaginations! (@ MUJI)

There are days when being the mommy of a budding two year old can be very VERY trying. This article series is a great reference for all of you out there who needs help being a little more of a Mindful Mother. (Just reading the first article made me feel more calm and in control!) (@ The Parenting Passageway)

I love decorating AJ's room! She is so girly and loves her dolls and animals... I know she would adore these animal nesting dolls!!! (@ Modern Dose)

Crayons are a very popular thing with AJ, but little hands break normal crayons pretty easily. Now I know what to do with these broken pieces!! Very cool DIY chunky crayon tutorial! (@ Make and Takes)

Finally, remember that awesomely cute cake topper up top?? Well here is a tutorial on how to make something similar yourself! If you can't wait 8-10 weeks for one to be made for you, go ahead and try to make one all on your own! (@ Going Sew Crazy)

Well that is all for now, I can't wait to try out some of these fun, easy, and calming ideas. Have a great weekend and week everyone!


Angela said...

Love the new look!

kelly said...

can't wait to check out all the links!

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