Saturday, September 12, 2009

The List 1.9

How is everyone doing today? I am enjoying these last few nice days before Fall really hits here in Cleveland. People keep trying to tell me that it is too early for chilly weather... these are the same people that are in denial every winter when it snows in October! =)

Ok, so here are some cool things I have found on the web, things that inspire me and things that make me want to stay home and craft my little heart out when I should be doing errands.

I am all about lists (obviously) and this adorable notepad printable is sure to keep me on track now that I am *gasp* a PTA mom!! (@Skip To My Lou)

There is something about this color palette that is such a nice transition from summer to fall... I feel a new mommy card design coming on! (@The Inspired Bride)
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With all the germs going around and people already freaking out about swine flu (*snicker*) this cute DIY project would be perfect for the "extra clean" person in your life! (@Giver's Log)

These adorable onsies almost make me want to try for twins....almost! (@Bluesky Rocket)

I don't have a closet for my clothes, which tells you a lot about my wardrobe! But if I did I would so make these quirky fabric covered hangers. (@Design Sponge)

As if you don't already get lots of Bento related info here, now there is a neat and informative book about how to cuten up your kid's lunches. (

I am really into decorating the girls rooms lately... if only I had a wee one that I could hang this rain cloud wall hanging for! (@Sonny)

That's all for now!

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