Monday, September 14, 2009

Contest: Name Our New Kitten

I think I was destined to either work for an animal rescue or be THAT crazy cat lady who lives on your street, lol. Through a weird turn of events I have acquired two little 7-8 week kittens. (If you are curious about the whole story email me and I will share!) Lucky for me my dear hubby was feeling nutty and decided that we could keep one, yay!!

Here is the 411 on the newest addition: Teeny little black and white boy, loves to cuddle and eat, very tolerant of kids and giant dog, smart but more laid back than his brother. We named the brother Mouse since he scurries around, cries a lot, and hangs out by the computer desk, so I am looking for an "M" name. This is Mouse- the bigger, tougher, faster of the brothers.

So here is the contest: Leave a comment here with your best boy kitty "M" name (and no human names- they geek me out!). If your name is chosen you will win some cool fall themed craft stuff!! I am looking for something cool, unusual but easy for little ones to say (We tried Goblin and the girls called him Gobble so we nixed that!) Get your kids to say the name if you are in doubt! Oh and my other guys' names are Tuck, Prince, and Bo so as you can see we don't have a theme going.

I will choose by the end of this week!!


cappy sue creations said...

I got two ideas when I see this little doll I like mitts and mugbug hehe my two little ideas

Jessica C said...


then you'll have Mighty and Mouse! Lol !!!!!

Jennifer Leigh said...

I like Oreo haha! but since it needs to be an M name, you don't human names, How about Macaroni?

Max? Mickey?

Melissa said...

I know it's not an "M" name, but his huge eyes look like Dobby from Harry Potter!

*Noelle* said...

how about mittens? cute kitty!

kate said...

How about Moo? Black and white- like a cow? Is that weird? It's just what popped into my mind!

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