Thursday, May 5, 2011

No More Yelling Over Spilled Milk!

No, that isn't my playroom... but it could be any given day.
What is the difference from last week until now?
How I react to it.

Remember this post that I wrote about a few days ago? 
How I noticed that I am not being the calm peaceful parent that I want to be 
because I am yelling all the time...
Well I took it to heart and can honestly say that 
I wish everyone would read it and realize what truth there is written there.

Since reading that post by my fellow mommy and homeschooler
my days are 100% smoother,
my girls actually listen to my words instead of tuning me out,
the lying has stopped,
and there is a "niceness" to everyone's demeanor.

No, it isn't a miracle drug and no, I haven't started spanking, using timeouts, or any other punishment.
In fact, all punishments and threats are gone
Of course I still parent and pay close attention to how my girls are acting.
But where the old Connie would have FLIPPED out at a mess like above,
the new Connie simply turns on the clean up music and has everyone work together to pick up.
Simple right?! 

I realized that I am setting the tone for the day,
when I am stressed and yell, 
the kids get just as frazzled and then the day goes to hell in a handbasket!!
And in the end, it is all small stuff...what is really worth more?
A trusting and loving relationship with my kids,
or a playroom where nothing gets played with because I want it to stay clean?
(Who the heck cares anyhow?!)

So there ya have it...
and I promised my girls out loud that I am no longer yelling,
so I am held accountable by them
and remember that I made a promise.

I am pretty sure everyone is a lot happier that there is no more angry mommy in the house!
(If you want to read more from the genius, this is a good post... and this one... oh what the heck, just read it all!!)
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