Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Books Everywhere!

Every Monday we go to the library and pick out books for the week. Gabby chooses her books for school which always include her main interest, this past month it has been birds, along with a history book, a fictional story, and whatever else catches our eye. Lately her choices have been so wonderful that I wanted to share the list of books that we have taken home for the week... it is a lot!!!

Gabby's Book List

Of course AJ picks out books too which are a mixture of fiction and non-fiction, and I discovered her using her finger to follow the words and pretending to sound them out. It made me so proud to see her trying by herself to read and creating a story using the pictures!
AJ is really interested in hippos right now, for some reason rainbow colored ones are her favorite thing to draw... she is a very creative girl with animals!

AJ's Book List

I love our weekly trips because I get to watch my girls explore one of my favorite places and see what they are interested in. I know that they can have free reign there, get however many and whatever books interest them and will be exposed to new words and ideas.
Plus it gives me a chance to get my own books. I always read before bed and devour books like chocolate!
Note to self: No more reading Dean Koontz at night, alone, before bed! 
I had to stop myself from covering all the mirrors and sleeping with the lights on! 
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