Saturday, May 1, 2010

Top 10 Must Haves for a New Baby

Now that the shock has worn off that indeed we are having another baby I am trying to remember what things we had for the girls that we loved and what things we thought were complete crap. Since we thought that we were done having kids I had mistakenly given away almost all of our baby things, the only things I had left were the Pack N Play and the let the shopping begin! As a veteran mom I think I have tried lots of items and found that even with babies- less is ok. There are some things that are nice but not a necessity!

My Top 10 Must Haves for a New Baby

10. Warm car seat cover- my favorite is the J.J. Cole Original Bundle Me. It is cold 9 months out of the year here and most snow suits for newborns are way to big. This is perfect for keeping baby warm and cozy!

9. For disposable diapers we love our Diaper Champ! No clue why more people don't use it over the Diaper Genie.... no refill bags to buy and it smells wayyyy less than our Diaper Genie did. Did I mention not having to buy refills for it?

8. Soothie Pacifiers- Gabby was a total binky baby while AJ hated them and preferred to suck on her favorite Tshirt (ick!). I love the ones that are attached to little Beanie Babies for the babies to hold onto called Wubbanubs. This little Brown Bear is my pick for our little snowflake!

7. A good and versatile Sound Machine- We have this one from Target. Not the most expensive brand, but have had it for almost 3 years and the girls love falling asleep to the sound of rain every night.

6. Ameda Breast Pump- looooved my dual electric pump! I tried the Medala and for some reason the suction wasn't as good and I had a large supply so I know it wasn't me. Along with the pump I highly suggest these storage bags, a nursing cover for those public feedings, and some of this awesome nibble rub!  (Psst: You can make it yourself, she has the recipe listed here!)

5. A lambskin or sheepskin rug to have tummy time on. This is something new for me, but my good friend Melissa swears by it for keeping babies content. There are tons and tons of places to get them online as well!

4. The Bumbo- AJ loved hers and I think that having one with a tray is really useful for playtime!

3. A Travel Swing- We didn't use the swing for too long and I hated how big and bulky the full size ones were. I loved having a swing though and will be getting a travel swing for this little one to keep the benefits without the bulk!

2. I have tried many many diapers bags and one of the only ones that I really liked was my Skip Hop Duo diaper bag! It holds a lot, doesn't scream "I have a baby and can only have cutesy bags!", and it attaches to any stroller easily!

1. A Baby Sling or Baby Wrap! I think that out of all of these this is one of the most important. Baby wearing is proven to keep babies calmer, is so much more convenient than lugging around strollers, and there is a style for everyone. I prefer the Moby Wrap which is essentially 6 yards of fabric that you wrap different ways to suit the baby.

Hope this helps all you mamas to be out there, at least writing it jogged my memory with things I loved!

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Prasti said...

great list, connie. i'm totally with you in choosing the diaper champ over the diaper genie! you end up saving money b/c you don't have to spend it on the special refill bags that the diaper genie requires you to have.

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