Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Want That! Awesome Popsicle Maker

We love popsicles at our house! After lunch, after nap, before dinner, whenever! While browsing in William Sonoma, a dangerous place for pregnant women, I spotted something that I HAVE to have for the summer!

Doesn't it just look yummy? Suddenly those icky store-bought popsicles just didn't look good enough and images of kiwi-strawberry iciness danced in my head! The Zoku Quick Pop Maker ($49.95) is a genius way to deliver popsicles to your family without all that waiting and planning. Simply pop the maker in the freezer (or just keep it there so it is always cold!), once it is ready add your pop makings, wait about 10 mins and voila! Homemade lovely popsicles that you can customize to fit each kid! LOOOOOVE it! You can buy extra sticks and the description says you can make about 9 before having to re-freeze the base. There is a cute little video on the site as well that shows you how to make layered pops and other pretty concoctions. Yum! 

Here are some other recipes that I think sound just delish:

Do you have a favorite popsicle recipe? Lemonade with strawberries sounds so good right now!


Sunny said...

I got this for Mother's Day and my 2-year old loves helping to make popsicles. It's nice to be able to customize them to each persons taste, and the cleanup is a breeze. I haven't tried more than 3, but I have a sneaking suspicion we'd never get 9 frozen in a row.

kanishk said...

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