Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting the Urge Again

Since before I found out that we were expecting again I have been on a crafting hiatus. No clue why, but Martha had left the building of her own accord. No paint spattered hands, no humming sewing machine, and no new half finished projects covering the dining room table. I don't remember this happening with any of my previous pregnancies, but then again, I wasn't half this crafty before.

But, there is light at the end of the tunnel... I am just days away from the 2nd Trimester and apparently am getting the urge to craft again. Which is a good thing because my poor neglected Etsy store needs some new things, my kids are wondering where all their new goodies are, and I think even the hubby was getting a bit concerned!

I had a fairy door order that I just put the first coat of paint on, I have white and purple spatters all over my hands, and I am now checking out my usual blogs for ideas to get my creativity flowing again. I just came across a book that I think I might HAVE to get- Handmade Beginnings by Anna Marie Horner.

Another blogger that I read- Sew Liberated (who took this lovely photo!) just reviewed the book, showed an adorable nursing top that she made, and really got me interested in this new crafty read. Check out the awesome tunic that she made here! Homemade By Jill also did a book review and has made some of the things from the book... look at these cute booties!

Lucky for you, if you want to give the book a try without buying it, you can download the FREE pattern for the stacking cubes here! I think these may be the first thing that I do for our own little Baby Bear since I have colors picked out already and gender doesn't matter!

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