Sunday, November 2, 2008

To Each Her Own

After reading a couple of blogs regarding Halloween I am struggling to remember that each person has to find his or her own path to enlightenment. There is something so wrong to me about people passing judgement on others for celebrating a holiday that today consists of little more than playing dress up and then getting candy from neighbors, in the name of their religion. Most of us, yes even those of us who are *GASP* not Christian, do not make our children sacrifice pets to Satan or go around naked on Halloween trying to raise the dead. And for those of you who chose to not celebrate because of Halloween's origins, how is celebrating the end of the harvest season offensive you? Of course there are groups who do see Halloween as a satanic ritual, but there are also groups who are self proclaimed Christians who have sex with teens and have many wife's in God's name. Both groups are small and not the norm.

Sigh.... there is so much more that my head wants to say, but I think that it would do better for my heart to just know that in the end anger is like taking poison yourself and then wishing your enemy ill, it does no one any good. I can only hope that those who are so closed minded will find their path somehow.


J. Leigh Designz said...

You go girl! What I love is those same people (who are etsy and stuff) have NO PROBLEM selling the holiday though!

My kids no nothing on Samhain(who is actually the demon Halloween is built around) and funny enough most people who "boycott" the holiday don't know that either.

While I promise you I am no satanist (what-so-ever!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE supernatural crap LOL!

Prasti said...

my intention in posting re: halloween was not to imply that everyone who celebrates halloween worship demons, or participate in pagan rituals, etc. the post itself was simply a way to express my own personal convictions about halloween. we have christian friends who participate in halloween and that's their choice and that's okay. as your blog title mentioned, "to each her own." heck, we participate every year, but we (as a family) have to examine our intentions in participating (that is just the burden God has placed in our hearts...though it may not be the case for others).

another important point for our own family is minimizing the commercialism tied in to all the holidays celebrated in the states (i just saw christmas decor @ target for sale and it made me sick to my stomach!), halloween is not an exception.

anyway, i hope that you did not take offense to my own post. it was in no way an attack on people who participate in halloween. as a christian family, we personally strive to make choices according to what would please God. and perhaps that might not always make sense, but it's never to make others feel bad :)

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